Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow tomorrow is day 80!

I can't believe there are only 11 days left. Well tomorrow I will hopefully get a short post in because I will have a busy day I want to leave something each day for sure. Even if it's really short.

Later this week I'll be back with a long post about my awesome hiking/climbing/trail-running/amateur film-making trip to Letchworth State Park hear in NY. It's the Grand canyon of the east, and boy did me and my best friend Jason have a LOAD of fun. More on that later.

So for my indulgence I sampled many things. It all came to the 1,000 calories and boy was it a LOT of food. 

So this is what I had. And how it tasted. I got everything at Wegmans again because it is my most favorite place on earth.

1 cup New england clam chowder - Amazing, not salty at all, potatoes nice and soft, plenty of clams. Creamy and good and warm

1 slice garlic cheese pizza, dipped in marinara - Awesome but greasy. I put parmesan and red pepper on it too. I should have skipped the parm because it was too salty. Over-all a very good choice, the marinara was pure awesomeness. Plum tomatoes and basil freshly pureed all the way baby!

2 glasses spiced apple cider - Amazing and it will never get old. I love that taste

1 pumpkin square - Great! But the sugar on top ruined it. So me and Jason are gonna make PCP worthy ones. After all the man is a chef. It had a whole wheat and walnut crust which could stay the same, and the pumpkin on top could have been a little thicker. But it's only pumpkin so pile it on! Veggie servings! And instead of a crumbly sugar topping, which made it WAY too sweet for my PCP taste, we were thinking either only sprinkling cinnamon and nutmeg on top OR if you want to be a little non-PCP drizzling some thin lines of some 80% dark chocolate to bring down the total sweetness of the dish.

Observations - My stomach was PACKED. It was all very good and I am happy with the whole meal and this part was really neat. Hoe I treated it mentally. It would not be easy for me to start eating that stuff all the time because in my head it was a "one-time thing" so-to-speak. So even though post-PCP I may have occasional indulgences what I am saying is that is all they ever will be. My body is not used to that, neither is my taste buds, so getting back into a habit of doing that would require time, money, and many trips to the bathroom. All of which I don't want to spend to start eating unhealthy again.

Over-all my body took it fine. A little sugar rush from the cider and pumpkin bar. A little upset stomach from the grease on the pizza. But not too bad. My best and most thought out indulgence yet!

Until tomorrow have a good one!

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Patrick said...

Your stomach organ is probably half the size it used to be in your junk food days. This is the greatest thing about getting your food under control. You can't overeat even if you want to. There's just no room down there anymore!