Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Past the half-way point! Where am i?

So anyway I'm back after a 3 day hiatus there. The "change of scenery" was a nice break in the pattern even though I had to sleep in my car because my one friend wouldn't stop snoring. Curses.

But we had a blazing bonfire. I learned a ton of cool stuff about bees. Since we camped at my friends farm and they keep 3 huge hives it was really neat. The one apparently has 700 lbs of honey. Crazy! It was really neat to get right next to them and see how they work and communicate it was so cool.

I sadly did not get to do a blazing steel wool trick I wanted to do but playing video games, camping, and burning massive amounts of brush and pallets was fun. And no matter what anyone says that diesel fuel was completely unnecessary my friend Jason and I totally had the fire started even though it was wet from the rain. We rule!

So I wanted to share a few things. One people have really started to notice a difference in how I look now with my clothes on. They are noticing how much more fit and slim I look and that is a huge motivation to keep going. Also I think standing with proper posture (which Patrick e-mailed us about) helps a lot too. Good times.

So I have my updated measurements and a flexing pose that I thought it's time to do so everything can have some hard facts about my progress and how everything is going. Hopefully I can do a nice post tomorrow too about my new pull-up bar. 

So here are the new measurements. Both from last time and over-all.

Weight - 136 lbs (down 5 lbs, down 12 lbs over-all)
Waist - 30.5" (down .25", down 1.5" over-all)
Stomach - 29.75" (down 25", down 3.25" over-all)
Chest - 36" (up .5", down .5" over-all)
Thighs - 19.5" (down .5", up .5" over-all)
Calves - 13.25" (same, down .25" over-all)
Biceps - 12.25" (same, down .25" over-all)
Forearms - 10" (same, down .5" over-all)

I have shrunk! Over-all in everything I have decreased that is so surprising that I was building muscle on places I thought had NO fat (calves, forearms, biceps) man was I wrong! It was everywhere. What proves that is my muscles are bigger but the dimensions and wait still shrunk. Awesome!

So here is pic. Be back later!

Have a great evening world!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Updates going into Week 7! And I'm off for the weekend!

Alright guys I have a ton to post and not a lot of time. it's days like this I'm glad the PCP really gives me the extra boost of energy!

Section 1: Jump-rope

So first off how am I keeping jump-roping interesting? I'll tell you how!

So I wanted to start developing my jumping tricks, I and starting to think how I can start incorporating more Parkour related things. Since many of our exercises are already geared towards that. (aka creep, pistol squats, pull-ups, and floor jumps) So I made a routine I go through to increase the fun! And also increase my stamina, agility, coordination, and balance. So this is what I do.

5 normal jumps
5 on my right leg
5 normal
5 left leg
5 normal
4 normal 1 double (repeat 5 times)
4 normal 1 cross (repeat 5 times)
5  normal
25 running in place at double previous speed

It's awesome and makes 2 minutes fly! With all the tripping I still do on the cross jumps I can do that whole circuit 2 maybe 3 times. But man am I really pushing myself again!

Section 2: New diet

Breakfast  100g carb 120g veg  2egg  200ml yogurt (up 20g veg, up 50ml yogurt)
Morning Tea 100g fruit (up 20 g fruit)
Lunch  120g carb 100g meat 150g veg 1egg white (up 20g veg)
Afternoon Tea 80g fruit (same)
Dinner 50g carb 80g veg  1egg white (No more smoothies! I'll miss em! This is a very small dinner less calories than the smoothie I'm sure) 
Night Tea  80g fruit  150ml milk (down 80g veg, up 30g fruit, up 150ml milk)
Before  Workout eat 50g carb  (same)
After  Workout 1egg  white (same, down 1 egg white total back to 5 a day!)

Section 3: New work-outs

Just a list. These are broken up day to day in a way of being most effective. And most tortirous on my body! :-)

Jump-rope  3 minutes x 5 sets
Lunge 4 x 18
Floor-jump 4 x 14
Pull-up 4 x 4-6
Rowing 4 x 20
Elevated Triceps Dip 4 x 6-8 (max, I have done them elevated from the beginning)
Ski-jumper 4 x 18
Seated Sit-up 5 x 12
Plank 4 x 60 secs
Chest dip 5 x 5-8 (8-8-6-6-5)
Push-up 4 x 12-14 (max, hopefully)
Standing Ovation (Formerly Chest-fly) 4 x 20 
Thumbs-up Curl 4 x 15
One-arm Curl 4 x 12-17 (max)
Chicken-wing 4 x 15
Side-crunch 4 x 12
V-sit 4 x 14

Section 4: Change of Scenery

So I heard Patrick talk about before that a vacation is a bunk term. That he says instead A change of scenery. I like that better since I have never viewed "vacations" as "vacations" since they are often more stressful, spend resources you don't have, and make you feel like the rest of your year is incomplete and lacking. 

So this weekend I'm going camping. I'll have to pack a ton of food but I'm excited because I'm sure my pyro-side will be happy for 2 days. So enjoy your weekends everyone!

Be back Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PARKOUR HEROS: Jereme Sanders

Hey guys I wanted to finish up with my PK heros. I have this one to feature and a final David Belle post which I'll probably do a week from now or so. Then on to some interesting PCP related equipment that aren't necessary to spend dough on but extremely convenient if you are willing to shell out the cash.

Everything has been going good. These new exercises have reawakened what it feels like to really strain and burn. 

Patrick talked to us about the need for mental focus, something I have always agreed with. But I'm glad he drew my attention back to it because I admit I was starting to rush through and not focus on my exercises. So back to focusing on the muscle to really get a a good "pump." 

Not to mention the sheer power of the brain to increase performance. They have found in studies that those who mentally rehearse 20 free-throws, then shoot 20 free-throws, do extremely better than those who do not rehearse, and do just as well as if not sometimes better than those that do 20 practice shots then 20 that count. Crazy huh?

So anyway, Jereme Sanders. I'll be honest I don't know much about him but I have really enjoyed all of the work he has done making videos on "Unconventional Training Grounds" for Americanparkour.com. (For those who haven't checked it out go now! APK is the best site ever and Mike Toorock who is in charge of that site has done a wonderful job with PK awareness and community. Check it out!) Haha I should be sponsored. I think he has bee practicing for 4 years.

So enjoy the videos below. One is his 2008 sampler of some of his highlights. No I cannot believe the wall run at the end of the video either. Yes the way must be 15 feet high. And yes he takes 2 giant steps up it to climb over. 


The second video is one of his "Unconventional Training Grounds" series. Where he has done a great job infusing me with creativity for training. I have often ignored much of the places right around where I live thinking it's not quality PK training areas. BUT Jereme has done a great showing you can do it. Anywhere. And I think the creativity is certainly PCP worthy.

Enjoy! and have a good one.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm really really itchy

So I keep breaking out in hives. Like every day. And popping benadryl non stop is doing nothing good for my energy levels. I'm itchy, cranky and so freaking confused as to what's going on. I hope I haven't developed a food allergy. Since I haven't started eating anything new though and haven't changed detergents, body wash, etc I'm thinking maybe I developed an allergy to some kind of food.

I hope it's not eggs.

I eat 6 a day and it would ruin the PCP if it was eggs.

I'm freaking out guys.

Anyway off to finish my workout and go to bed. And be itchy all night.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Updates for Week 6!

So we have successfully finished 5 weeks and are into our Sixth! Almost half -way done which is unbelievable. Patrick mentioned that around day 40 is really when the last fat starts to go and the muscles we have made starts really standing out. I hope that holds true for me over the next week!

So I have a couple more Parkour Heros to post and some other interesting stuff as well but for today I'm just doing some basic updates. New diet. New work-outs. And how I feel.

Adrian & Emiko were talking about being in a recent PCP valley and I felt the same way for a few days. Rather discouraged etc about not seeing and recent progress but Patrick's e-mail came at the right time about visceral fat holding on to the last and how we will start to see changes soon. Especially because "we have taken the training wheels off" and are really kicking it into high gear. So bring it on changes!

Today however I'm upset because I have a random hive-like rash all over like I had an allergic reaction to something. But I didn't eat anything out of the norm and had no contact with animals I may be allergic too. It's really weird. And itchy.

On a sad note my guinea pig Sketcher of 6 years is dying and doesn't have long to go so that's sad but she lived a long healthy life. 

So without further ado here is some new info!

Patrick asked for us not to share the specifics of our workout routine at this point of the PCP since it's so close to his final product and we all certainly respect that. So I will list the workouts we are doing and my projected ability. But I'm not posting how they are structured day-to-day since when we do the exercises are what's most important right now. (If I post too much Patrick just let me know and I'll take it down)

Workout Plan

Jumprope 6 sets of 2 mins (every day: and it come to about 1500-1800 skips depending on how fast I do them with a 30 sec break in between sets)
Pistol Squat 4 x 3-5 (max, great PK training)
Creep 4 x 12 (max, great PK training)
Pull-up 4 x 3-5 (max, the real deal now!)
Pull-down 4 x 15 (max)
Triceps Dip 3 x 8-10 (max)
Triceps Extension 4 x 15 (max)
V-sit 5 x 10-12 (12-12-10-10-10, or hopefully max)
Side-crunch 4 x 10 (max, finally some oblique work!)
Chest Dip 5 x 4-6 (not sure, never attempted before)
Push-up 4 x 10-12 (max)
Outside Curl 4 x 10-15 (not sure, never attempted before)
One-arm curl 4 x 10-15 (15-15-12-10, the most over-rated muscle is the bicep (since so many people think having them makes them fit) but I can't wait to pump em!)
Forward Shoulder Raise 4 x 16-18 (16-16-16-16, I still despise shoulder work, I am not up to par)
Shoulder-fly 4 x 15-18 (not sure, probably minimum, never attempted before)
Leg-up 4 x 20 (max)
Plank 4 x 50 seconds (max, I love them, "meditation on pain" lol)

So again keep in mind Patrick is not having us do every day but broken up through the week. But that's all I can say.

Diet Plan

Breakfast  100g carb 100g veg 2egg 150ml yogurt (same)

Morning Tea  80g fruit (same)

Lunch  100g carb 100g meat 150g veg 1egg white (down 20g meat, up 1 egg white)

Afternoon Tea 80g fruit (same)

Dinner 1egg white 1apple 1banana 150ml milk 1spoon rice/granola (down 1 egg white)

Night Tea 80g veg  1egg white  50g fruit (up 30g veg, up 50g fruit)

Before Workout  eat 50g carb  

After Workout  eat  1egg white (up 1 egg white)

Notes: I am up to 6 eggs a day now and other than that no significant changes except for the added fruit and veggies at night which will actually be hard to eat because I usually am not hungry after 7 pm anymore at all.

So that's about it. I'm gonna blog about one more Parkour Hero, and also a final David Belle post and where I plan to go with Parkour sometime get a pic up of me training. Also I will blog about the neat pull-up bar I bought and this awesome blender that my mom go me that blends my whole dinner smoothie into a giant mug, no clean up! It's great.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PARKOUR HEROS: The Ladies of Parkour

So I have been chatting with Adrian and Emiko a bit about PK. And not only Adrian is super enthused about PK but Emiko is too. So I thought it would be sweet to post some clips I have found about PK and the women who are really amazing and deserve a ton of respect for what they do.

Females are definitely the minority among traceurs, most likely for general interest and also because women naturally lack a lot of the upper body strength required without, of course, the proper training. They faces some pros and cons though in my opinion.

CONS: Lack a certain level of natural strength and speed. Also girls are generally shorter and have weaker grips. A number of other things can be frustrating, long hair, not wanting to get calloused hands, and I would definitely be less inclined to want to run and jump everywhere if I had boobs.

PROS: I feel women have naturally better balance, dexterity, and flexibility. Also once the proper strength is achieved you can have an easier job of somethings, less shock on joints from a smaller frame/weight, and since most girls are smaller than most guys you can fit under rails and through gaps that we can get into. 

Despite any pros and cons girls that practice are undoubtedly awesome and deserve a ton of respect. Hopefully we will see more in the years to come. Below are 2 videos on of Karen Palmer who talks a lot of what PK means and how it's so awesome, also about training and how the metal achievement is just as great as the physical one. And another of Kat from the Urban Monkeys crew in Mexico.

Enjoy and have a good one I hope the weather is just as beautiful as it is here!

Monday, September 15, 2008

PARKOUR HEROS: Sebastian Foucan

So another featured Parkour Hero.

To give you a little bit of knowledge of Sebastian. He was one of the original advocates and founders of making Parkour into a discipline. He and David Belle used to work very closely together but for various reasons to unimportant to mention here they have parted ways. David is purist and practices Parkour, which is only about movement and fluidity with no waste of energy. Sebastian parted on the philosophy of l'art du natural and turned his focus toward Free-running. Which is Parkour with added flare and moves to make it more visually appealing and some say fun. It is not harder or easier just a different approach. 

You will probably recognize the one scene from 007: Casino Royale. Sebastian did an amazing job with the scene no? He is a versatile Traceur and has done much to spread the knowledge and availability of Parkour/Free-running, hosting many training seminars and opening many academies throughout Europe. (Also for any nay-sayers I'm sure that in parts Sebastian did have a stunt double, it's hollywood they have too, but this is more about being proud the PK is getting acclaim in the entertainment industry) 

The other video is with MAdonna and organizing her on-stage performance with PK. I think that's really cool. Sebastian is everywhere!

And finally a video of why free-running is different than PK. Parkour purists would not focus on something like this but this video is awesome and finally you get to see how Seb is involved in training others but that he is not perfect. Also you get to see his great physique as well and that once the man gets something. He gets it DOWN.

That's all for today have a good one everybody!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

PARKOUR HEROS: Stephane Vigroux

I am going to feature a string of Parkour Hero's. For those that are new to my blog, Parkour is a goal of mine in conjunction with the PCP. 

What is Parkour?

It is a discipline. An art. It is fluid movement through, over, or under any series of obstacles. It's a mindset as much as it is physical function. If there is anything in the world that requires a Peak Condition both mentally and physically it is Parkour.

And I hope the PCP sets me on the path to being a good, and eventually great, Traceur (The one who practices Parkour).

Here is Stephane Vigroux. He was trained by David Belle the founder of Parkour. Is a great speaker, teacher, and advocate of safe and effective Parkour. Enjoy these videos and search around for some more. He is very animated and does a great job of expressing in words the freedom of Parkour

Enjoy and have a nice afternoon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 5 Workouts, Day 30!, Indulgence and a New Record!

So here is a varied and exciting post for you. I have been so busy and I admit the blog is the lowest on the priority list. But I'm here everyday to comment and read everyone else's because often it gives me the energy boost I need!

SECTION 1: Workouts (As usual I will post the range we are given and my projected goals)

Workout 1

Jumprope: 1600 (max - first time it hasn't increased)
Floor-jumps: 4 x 8-10 (max)
Incline Pull-up: 5 x 10-15 (12-12-10-10-10)
Push-up: 5 x 8-10 (max)
Curl: 4 x 10-15 (max)
Davinci (aka Side Shoulder-fly): 4 x 15-18 (15-15-15-15)
V-sit: 5 x 8-10 (max)

Workout 2

Jumprope: 1600 (max)
Creep: 4 x 12-16 (max)
Rowing: 5 x 15-20 (max)
Chest-fly: 4 x 15-18 (max)
Ski-Jumper: 4 x 10-15 (max)
Forward Shoulder-raise: 4 x 8-10 (max)
Plank: 4 x 40 seconds (max)

Notes: Workout 2 I will have marked ease on. I really like those exercises (minus anything to do with shoulders I hate!). Also the leg exercises this week are great for Parkour! Especially for the muscles necessary to roll, cat-walk, and land from leaps/jumps. I am going to order a pull-up bar to start using because that should help push my back muscles. But I am a little worried at the increase in just incline ones, I can destroy the first 2 sets usually but by the end can get the minimum so I have to pace myself.

SECTION 2: Day 30!

So We are a 1/3 of the way done with our project which is insane! I am feeling great and at times even though my enthusiasm wanes coming back here and putting on the PCP mentality really gets me ready to rock. Kazu from the PCP Japan group, left an awesome comment on my Flickr about all the visible muscular improvement and it really meant a lot to know that he sees that much improvement! As far as I understand Kazu works with massage therapy so he knows his stuff. Go check out his Flickr steam and you won't believe where is with the end of Week 6 from the beginning. The man is rocking it. 

So thanks all my readers for sticking with me and sharing things PCP with me in daily life too it helps so much. And thanks to my sister who recently allowed my to eat my PCP-sized breakfast and lunch at her house! 

PCP coming to fridge near you!

SECTION 3: Indulgence

Who: My best-friend Jason wanted to be present for this and I totally understand why. He is very supportive of me doing the PCP and I'm glad he was there to share this WACKY experience.

What: A slice of Ultimate Chocolate Cake, made by Wegmans. The most awesome chain of grocery stores in the USA. Seriously. They are amazing and this time of year really support all our local farmers. Not to mention they make all kinds of great prepared foods from sushi, to indian, salad bars, and pizza. On top of that the very large 2-story store in Pittsford NY  where we did my indulgence. In that store is an amazing little tea-bar that's part of the store. Going and sampling from the 100's of loose leaf teas they offer is very cool. To accompany my cake I had freshly brewed "lemon-black" iced tea with no sweetener. Amazing.

When: At Patrick's suggestion around 6pm. That gave me enough time to burn it off and not lose sleep. Not to mention it was before work-out.

Where: As I said. Tea-bar at Wegmans.

Why: I used to pound this cake down pre-PCP. I have a huge sweet tooth and love chocolate.  So I figured this was a good first indulgence before my body is so used to healthy food that maybe i go into shock later on in the project by something so rich and sweet.

How: I don't know how. I got really hard after the second bite.

Notes/Summary: So the first bite was delicious. The second also. But by the time I got the middle layer of icing I was starting to get sick. For the first time in a month I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and knew I would have to muscle down the rest. So my the time I got to the think layer of icing on top I was forcing it down and was not very happy. But shortly after I got a HUGE sugar rush. I usually am very desensitized to things like that, caffeine, sugar etc. But I felt this for sure. Jason was having a ball with all my crazy ideas and wackiness that starting spewing forth. I didn't think anything of it but I went back and checked out Patrick's indulgence on a chocolate chip cookie and he mentioned the flowing of ideas coupled with a crazy sugar rush. This lasted a good few hours and through dinner and work-out. Actually I never felt a crash because I went to bed early. But I could not wake up at ALL in the morning and was drowsy until about noon. It was nuts. And (I know it's gross) it made me constipated. So in the future (post-PCP) I may at times enjoy a small portion of 85% dark chocolate (it does have benefits) but never cake again.

So please, consider what you are putting into your body.

Oh and here is a pic of the Tea-bar. All the glasses on those shelves are snifters of the loose-leaf teas they offer. It had a neat pagoda style entrance on the other side too. Great place. One thing I want to do is make my own herbal tea sometime.

SECTION 4: Jumprope Record

So Adrian and Emiko have had huge recent success in Jumprope and I tell you what week 4 might just be the week that your cardio hits the "groove." That what I call it when you feel like you could go forever once you do about 300 and your body realizes this isn't so hard stop panicking and just keep jumping! So I crushed my old record of 374 with 790! IN-A-FREAKIN'-ROW!!!! Without tripping!

I was so excited I don't know how I did it but I did and my mind got the better of me and got distracted. 

So anyway that's about it for now I'll blog again In a couple days. Have a nice weekend everyone I'm off to workout!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summary of The Past Few Days

So I have a lot to talk about as promised so here is a long post. Enjoy it in stages if you want.

SECTION 1 - New Measurements
Weight - 141lbs (down 3lbs)
Waist - 30.75" (down .75")
Stomach - 30" (down 2.25")
Chest - 35.5" (down .5")
Thighs - 20" (Same)
Calves - 13.25" (Down .25")
Biceps - 12.2" (Down .25")
Forearms - 10" (down .5")

Notes: I am really surprised over all about the general decrease in measurements while I only went down 3 lbs. That shows I think that I have been putting on muscle mass. My waist/belly shrunk a lot and I can really tell from my clothes. Which ironically both Patrick and Sean posted about this right about now. I take the measurements without first looking at the old ones so I'm not tempted to suck it in. So I am genuinely surprised at this. But looking at the pictures I have gone from have straight lines like this | | on my sides to tapers in like this ) (. Coolness!

SECTION 2: New Diet

Breakfast: 100g carb, 100g veg, 2 eggs, 150ml yogurt (Up 1 egg)
Morning Tea: 80g fruit (Same)
Lunch: 100g carb, 120g meat, 150g veg (down 30g meat)
Afternoon Tea: 80g fruit (Same)
Dinner: 2 egg white, 1 apple, 1 banana, 150ml milk, 1 spoonful cooked rice or granola (up the spoonful rice/granola)
Night Tea: 50g veg, 1 egg white (down 150ml milk, up 50g veg)
Before Workout: 50g carb

Notes: Over all I am eating more. I'm up 1 egg, 50g veg, 1 spoonful carb-like substance, and 50g carb. But I am only down 30g meat, 150ml yogurt. So I am basically going to consume 3 dozen eggs this week. INSANE! On top of that I find it interesting that Patrick recently stressed that we should never cut our protein portion but it's ok if we (once in a blue-moon) miss some carbs or veggies. But protein is what got cut and carbs and veggie went up! But it's cool I trust them and I am gonna stick to it! Patrick assures me that as soon as my Body fat percentage drops muscles will rip through! And it seems that way since my dimensions have dropped but my weight hasn't much. My muscle are waiting right under the surface!

So I was going to post everything about my indulgence which was very interesting but I certainly want a whole post to share my happenings and observations along with photos. So I'm going to save that for my Saturday post. Tomorrow comes workouts. I am pretty tired and want to go read and rest before bed so good night! Rest well world!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Really busy Week

Hey all! 

It's been a really busy week but I had my indulgence today and I have to share all about it and post the pictures. I'll do an in depth post on that Thursday because tomorrow I will have no time at ALL.

So check back. All is good here I have to go finish my workout so I'll be back Thursday.

Have a nice night and Wednesday everyone. I'll be around to comment just not to post.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So yesterday I was going to try to sleep from 9pm on. I wound up going to bed at 10 pm and like usual falling asleep at 10:05. I sleep very well in any and all circumstances. And usually it can be perpetual to the point of I HAVE to get up because I'm to hungry or have to use the bathroom. So I will try the experiment again sometime. My goal is to make it easier to get up earlier and I haven;t had a day to sleep-in a lot since the project started so I want to put a day aside to shake off my sleep debt.

I'll let you know how that goes.

I took my rest day today because I was so busy but my cardio abilities are a lot better. It feels like I can jump forever without getting that "winded" feeling. 

Patrick mentioned in our e-mail for tomorrow (He's in Japan so it's form the future) that around now we might have a hard time with our cravings or maybe just wanting to eat "stuff." It's true! I have been so hungry with this cut-down diet that things I haven't had (or in very small quantities) for months before the PCP (like cookies, candy, etc) are seeming appetizing. The smell is what gets me. I guess when it comes to hunger my body is still like "Give me something!"

We also got the green-light on out indulgence #1. Trust me it's gonna be an adventure I have some great ideas up my sleeve. And you will find this very interesting in the posts to come. I am really curious as to how my body will now react to sugars, salts, and really spicy food, which I haven't made since on the project I have kept things fairly mild.

So other than that nothing is new. Have a great night everyone. Rest well and often!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have to say the number 1 thing I am loving about the PCP right now is freedom! It really is a great feeling and I am loving every day more and more. 

I just wanted to share a couple little things tonight.

1. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me in this. Family, friends, coworkers, and of course the awesome community here with the PCP. 

Tim, Amy, Adrian & Emiko, you guys are suck a great group to do this with and I look forward to the end of the project when we can all look back with pride at everything we have done.

Patrick, thanks for the opportunity and for sticking with us and devoting so much energy to this project, it's really great. 

Chen, the behind the scenes nutritional genius, thanks for working so hard at getting us all specific diets. For everyone who is reading keep in mind Chen and Patrick have to create a specific diet plan for all 5 PCP2 participants, all 3 PCP Japan participants every week, and of course have provided any maintenance info to PCP1 group. That's a huge job. 

And lastly (but not leastly) the PCP1 group. You guys really are the pioneer guinea pigs and I loved all of your blogs and journeys. Sean for your upbeat thoughtful and detailed daily posts that gave me something PCP every day even after Patrick's project was over. Corry for doing so great and always being a nurturing positive influence and showing us how the PCP can change your life. And David for your down to earth posts. You held nothing back and let us take the ride with you on ups and downs, that made me know that even though it wouldn't be an easy journey it was worth it.

2. I totally agree with Emiko that when made improperly the PCP smoothie is terrible. I need a new blender

3. When do we have an indulgence? Is it even part of the PCP anymore? I am have been curious for a long time now to observe how old food i used to eat would affect my body. I don't desire to eat any of it in the least but I want to for the sake of science! And my best-friend has helped me brainstorm what would be some crazy indulgences that would surely be entertaining for me to post about.

4. So I came to a really funny conclusion today and almost laughed myself silly. I was thinking of how Patrick has mentioned many times that he progressively got colder as he lost "insulation" (aka fat). So I thought of something. GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH. The earth's temperature is not rising every year it's just the simple fact the earth's population increases their average body fat percentage by 2.5% every year! (not really facts but I could see it as a headline for some satirical paper)

5. Check out how Patrick is doing He is totally killing the PCP still and if I look like that in 5 months I will be totally stoked.

Alright tat's all for now I'm off to relax and read. Night!

P.S. I think I might try an experiment tonight since I have no plans (yea I know not social life right? It's a saturday night with nothing to do, Well I have the PCP baby!) I might go to bed at like 9 and see what happens. I'll let you know!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Week 4! WEEK 4!

So it's crazy but here are our new Week 4 workouts. Enjoy! And no I don't really know what a Chicken-wing really is yet either. As usual I will show the range given and in parentheses my expected target. 

Workout 1
Jumprope 1600 (max)
Squat 4x22 (max)
Incline Pull-up 5x7-10 (10-10-10-8-8)
Push-up 5x5-8 (max - this is a major decrease)
Curl - 4x8-10 (max)
Forward Shoulder-raise 4x12-15 (14-12-12-12)
Plank 3x30secs (max)

Workout 2
Jumprope 1600 (max)
Pull-down 4x10-12 (not sure haven't down them yet)
Chest-fly 4x12-17 (max)
Triceps-dip 4x6-8 (max)
Chicken-wing 4x8-10 (not sure, probably not max since I suck at shoulders)
Leg-up 4x12-17 (max)

So like usual we do each workout 3x each alternating with a day of rest to our choosing.

Have a good night I'm of to shower and go to bed!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Long Normal Dinners . . .

Bring in the smoothie for Week 3!

So here is the new diet plan. There are some obvious changes.

Breakfast  100g carb 100g veg 1egg 150ml yogurt (Same)

Morning tea 80g fruit (-20g)

Lunch  100g carb 150g meat 150g veg (-50g carb)

Afternoon tea 80g fruit (-20g)

Dinner 2egg white 1apple 1banana 150ml milk (Previously 100g each of fruit, veg, & meat)

Night tea 1egg white 150ml milk (same)

So at first I was like, "whoa! That's crazy, here comes the real PCP diet for sure." And then I followed that thought with "sweet I don't have to prepare dinner for work anymore pack 2 eggs a banana and milk will be easy!"

I think I will actually enjoy this very much and will make it a smoothie on nights I don't work. It got very hard spending the hour before I went to work cooking and eating lunch while cooking and packing dinner. So here's to only broiling 1 slab of tuna a day and only assembling one salad!

Oh and I thought I would share what I do for breakfast every day. I make scrambled egg (only one lol) with onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc this I put in a whole wheat pita with conviently always weighs right around 50g then I put my 150ml yogurt (minus a little bit because I add a dash of milk to the eggs) in a bowl and top with 50g of granola. It's really nice and since I have it down to a time saving system I really enjoy making it every morning.

So anyway I'm off to finish my work-out I had a lot of yard work to do earlier and didn't get to do it all in one go. 

Have a nice night!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 20!

So all the past PCPers have talked about how silly it is to mark any specific "day" with importance. Toward the end of Patrick's project it's not like he was any more "fit" in a day-to-day change. However days do make milestones for some reason and I feel like day 20 is the first big one! I mean 20 days! I don't know what it is but I feel great we have made it this far. I think a lot in numbers so I think our 90 days are broken up into 9 10 day sections (this is all in my brain not real PCP stats here) and that 2 of those sections are already behind me is awesome and crazy. 70 days seems like so much less than 90. And even 90 right now seems like nothing. I am really feeling it and I just want to keep rocking the PCP!

So I wanted to take a second and share with you some awesomely sweet benefits of the PCP. I was re-reading some of Patrick's journey. (I can't believe the stuff that changed and how much the program has evolved and what he (and we) have all learned) But he was talking in one post about how he has more money. So here I am going to explain that benefit and others.

1. Mindfulness - So with the PCP we do not drink our calories. Not buying alcoholic beverages, 4-8$ coffee drinks, and stuff out of vending machines saves money. Instead we drink a lot of just water! Which of course is free or very very very cheap. Every day at work I buy a 1.5L bottle for $1.05. Not bad. Also all the food we buy is fresh and "real" food. Nothing really spoils or goes bad since you have to shop more frequently for fresh produce. Also you aren't forced to buy quantities of things that you don't need. Fresh fish, veggies, fruit etc are weighed by pound. You get what you need, Period. Also we don't snack, so no grabs off the counter just to eat. I used to spend (a few months ago as I changed some habits pre-PCP) $5-8 a day at work on drinks and food, sometimes more. Being mindful saves money!

2. No Gym - We don't waste our money on gyms and fancy equipment because we have our body weight and when necessary simple tools to help us improve. So much cheaper, easier and quicker. No driving to the gym, no membership fee, no fancy running shoes, etc. 

3. Your Teeth - When you don't eat things with sugar preservatives and phosphorous you are doing wonders for your teeth. Voila! No cavities to fill! I realized today at the dentist that (although I don't floss as much as I should) what really saved me from having a terrible visit, that was much later from the last visit it should have been, is the fact I don't consume enemies of my teeth. No cavities = no dental bills.

4. No Addictions - We don't eat things with sugars and fats and unnatural amounts of caffeine that literally make you addicted and compulsively buy more and more. Not to mention someone in PC wouldn't smoke and/or have any other unhealthy addictions (aka drugs and alcohol).

5. Future Health - Although there are more things I could list this covers most. David in one of his lasts post quoted someone who said "Those who say the don't have time for fitness now, will have to find time for illness later." And let me tell you, Working at a pharmacy I see this a lot. Every single day. Always. What we are doing for ourselves is amazing. We are giving ourselves the liberties to not be burdened by unhealthiness and the costs that surround it. Not to mention my generation may very well have no hope of assisted retirement and will probably have to work until we drop. So again with the PCP you will wear out not rust out and be trapped inside a body that won't do what you know you should be capable of, if only you took better care of yourself. Bring it on! I can deal with a prescription/surgery free future!

So anyway I am ravenous. To the point I feel I missed a meal. Off to drink my milk! Good night!

P.S. - Another new record 372 jumps in a row!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Records, Records Everywhere!

So I had a really busy weekend. Sorry for my absence but I am back and the PCP has been growing strong over here! I got to sleep for about 10 hours yesterday and that was fabulous I haven't had a chance to sleep until I naturally woke up in a very long time! But i did have to work at night but I'm not complaining when I'm getting paid double-time and a half! 

So today I had a really good jump-roping experience. I have been doing my 1500 in sets of 300 these past few days. The great thing is I have been able to push past the point where it's hard and you kind of hit the zone and your muscles keep going and going. Well today I also had gotten the rhythm! On my second set I had an all time record of 274 in a row with no trips!

But then . . . 

In the next set I got 348!!!!!!!

I was so freaking happy.

The weird thing is that I think sleeping is what helped. Not being rested but mental rehearsal. The brain is an interesting thing and it works on solutions to problems while asleep, often in dream format. Last night I was dream of jump-roping and doing it as fast as possible and getting many in a row. While it seems like it certainly helped! Thanks Subconscious. You rock.

So besides that I was gonna say on little thing about my shoulders. That's that I agree 100%  with Adrian that my shoulders are not up to snuff. Man! I can't believe how hard it is to do some of these sets to the max, or minimum for that matter. If I want to get into Parkour I will definitely have to work more on my shoulders so I'm glad with the PCP that they are targeted EVERY DAY!

So other than that not much else is new. I just picked a number of interesting peppers form my garden and can't wait to experiment with them. Habeneros, jalepenos, hot thai peppers, and cubaneros.

So 2 posts back a reader from Germany (That's awesome by the way, simply great that the PCP is spreading it's borders! And I am delighted that you would comment on my blog Jochen) asked for some descriptions of the exercises we do. I would be happy to oblige and here I will explain 2 today and tackle some more tomorrow. Sometimes it's easy to forget Patrick explains everything to us and we get to pass it along!

Lawnmowers: For these guys you anchor the dongle for your resistance band at knee level. Stand sideways with your forward arm on your hip facing the door. Then with the other hand grab both handles and pull back. You just move your arms and exhale as you pull. Return to starting position with control. This works the lower lats in your back.

Ski Jumpers: Anchor the dongle at about waist height. Face the door and slightly squat and lean forward lie you are skiing down a slope. Grab a handle in either hand and start with your hands near your hips. Bend at the elbow to extend the forearm backward. This will give a great burning sensation in your triceps!

Try em out!

Have a nice evening everyone!