Saturday, November 8, 2008

Storyboard Parkour and Nature

I have been looking to the future so much recently. I think it's that I know this 90 day deadline is imminent and I have all this room to do more stuff after!

So I have all these plans I have been forming and I can't wait to launch a few new projects over the coming year. And as usual work ever more toward Peak Condition. And on top of that work towards Parkour. Especially this nature Parkour. I have been watching a bunch of videos on Youtube from other traceurs that have the same idea as me. Let me tell you the basis for wanting so badly to do nature PK.

David Belle is credited with the "invention" of Parkour. But one of the reasons why I respect the man so much is the fact that he does not take credit for this. He feels that Parkour is in every single one of us, that humans have been doing it for centuries but we have just forgotten.  

This kind of view of Parkour is amazing in my opinion. Parkour is such a profound discipline that forces you to connect the body and mind in ways nothing else can why not use it to connect yourself to your surroundings? Since so much of the earth is urban now it only made sense for David to develop the parameters of the discipline in such settings. The predictability of urban environments also makes it safer and easier to train. But my view is why not use PK to strengthen your connecting with the earth?

Squirrels, monkeys, cats, wolves, all practice PK in nature. So should we.

So here is 2 videos of nature PK and what I plan on developing. And also a funny (i think) storyboard about the invention of PK. (not David Belle but originally, however many centuries ago)

Darn! There is something, in this case a fence, in my way! I do not want to keep walking around it. What can I do?

Aha! I have it! instead of wasting precious steps and time to go around I will go over!

This works! How did I never think of this before?!

That was cool. Next time I will try something even faster like leaping or vaulting the fence! Sweet.

Hope you enjoyed it! Here are the videos!


Patrick said...

That was an amazing Parkour story man. The highs, the lows, the sheer humanity of it. You've got a screen play on you hands there.

Amy said...

That seems like it would mess up the trees. They need their bark!

Nate said...

Thanks Patrick! haha

Amy don't worry about the trees they are perfectly fine. Monkeys and apes as large as gorillas climb trees and they can weather it. Especially if you climb barefoot nothing happens to them. Just your hands and feet get roughed up!