Saturday, November 15, 2008

DAY 90 = PCP DONE. A long life of activity, vitality, wellness, and awareness just begun . . .

So it is so hard to figure out how to make a quality, meaningful, and complete last post. But I'm going to do the best I can and hopefully update from time to time in the future. Once a month or so with thoughts on maintaining, new growth, and encouragement for any new PCP groups to come.

So without further ado, here goes nothing!

SECTION 1: PCP Mindset and changes

So if you decide to embark on this journey of changing your lifestyle to be balanced and healthy, to the high limits of expectation. What can you expect to change about your life?

1. In this world you will never "fit in."
2. You will view yourself and others that have the same level of fitness completely different from the world around you. This opinion is usually that you are better. It's hard to fight against that new prejudice.
3. Your habits will change so much, eating dried figs can seem like an "indulgence"
4. You will be overly critical of fitness, especially of others. The type of people who used to seem "fit and attractive" might not any more to you. Especially if even though they are "fit and attractive" they don't approach fitness the same way you do. 
5. You will be happy
6. You will feel "right" or "in the groove" a lot. Things will go your way more often, as a by product of positivity and better performance in all areas.
8. You will value those who are close to you ever more
10. Finally, you will change everyone around you for the better, at least for the better of their health, without even trying.

To sum up once you achieve a PCP mindset (It came for me around day 60) so many things happen. All the things above become very noticeable and you will feel very distanced form your former self. But around day 80 you will totally forget how you used to feel and the PCP is like a new skin or personality.

Be prepared for major changes. You your new "powers" for good (those of attraction, confidence and awareness). Fight against the prejudice which comes form self-discipline and turn it into empathy for others who just don't understand what they are doing to their bodies and remember that by making the changes you have you are impacting everyone for the good. 

Your wonderful habits will instill guilt in others. 

They will also inspire.

Share with those who repeatedly ask you how you are doing it how they too can get in shape. While at the same time realize that most who ask are only hitting on you or making conversation, they don't want a sermon. 

And lastly bask in your new found body and posture.

SECTION 2: Where the PCP leads

Be prepared for motivation. You will want to be creative and start more projects. Run with it. But be aware that the first feeling of being superman do fade a little. Around day 30 you see major changes and the workouts aren't too serious yet so you think you can take on the world. wait and be balanced.

The PCP, in my case, also strengthened by belief in natural medicine and I envision a world with everyone in PC daily. It will be a wonderful place when it comes.

Maintenance is a beautiful thing as well. Once you are in truly good shape once in your life maintaining is very easy. 80% of it is diet so never veer to far away from your new habits.

And remember anyone can do the PCP. You can do the PCP.

And once you do the PCP you can do anything else you want.

For me I have many goals. I hope to be back around with those updates in the future. I have some business ideas. So wonderful art ideas. Tons of Parkour and travel to do. And a PCP convention to help Patrick organize. I now have the goals and time to work on and improve my mind-body connection, spirituality, and flexibility.

And not to mention tree-climbing here I come!

SECTION 3: Thanks

Sean, Corry, David, now is my chance to thank you on my own PCP blog for paving the way as the first PCP guinea pigs. Your honest and enthusiastic blogs really made me anticipate doing this even more than I imagined. KNowing I went form commenting a TON to being on the PCP complete roster with you is something I am so proud of. I hope we one day get to meet.

Amy, Tim, Adrian and Emiko, what can I say? This was such a great trip and the support you all gave in the beginning helped so much! We all kind of lost our blogging stamina to some extent (except Tim, a post every day! amazing!) but know you were there doing what I was doing was great and I hope we all get to keep in touch as we continue down our path to whatever our vision of true physical PC may be. I hope we also get to meet one day and reminisce about all the good times. Stay strong my friends!

PCP Japan, you guys are awesome and did amazing it was great to have a group slightly ahead of us to follow and get a preview of what was next to come. Great job guys! You all finished strong!

Hama Mamas, Hang in there and rock that PCP! I hope none of you regret the hard work you are doing and I'm sure Corry's six-pack is motivation for all!

Readers, Family and friends, thanks for the support I hope I have helped you as much as you helped me.

Chen, the man behind the scenes! Thanks for all the hard work with our diets and I hope I one day get to meet you and see you in action!

Patrick, man I don't know what to say. Thanks for the opportunity, the hard-work, and the friendship. I hope the journey doesn't end here and we get to meet in person sometime and not just over iChat! I won't ever forget how I stumbled upon this blog form the yoga garden channel and how I think I have been reading or writing a PCP blog every day since! You have done great work, I hope it pays off, and maybe this time you can make some money at something you love! Keep in touch and thanks again for your inspiration and keeping it real.

SECTION 4: Before and After

Height - 5' 6.5"
Weight - 148lbs
Waist - 32"
Stomach - 33"
Chest - 36.5"
Thighs - 19"
Calves - 13.5"
Biceps - 12.5"
Forearms - 10.5"
Neck - 15"

Height - 5' 6.75" (up .25", posture I think)
Weight - 133lbs (down 15lbs)
Waist - 29.5" (down 2.5")
Stomach - 28.75" (down 4.25")
Chest - 36" (down .5")
Thighs - 19.5" (up .5")
Calves - 13.5" (same)
Biceps - 12.5" (same)
Forearms - 10.5" (same)

SECTION 5: Closing Comments

FInd something you love to motivate you and do it! Get moving! Once you have digested this and the other PCP day 90 blogs, get up and move!

You will thank me later.

Do things the hard way because when you get good at that everything else will seem super easy. A simple Parkour philosophy. Practice the hard moves and when those are easy, everything else is cake. Trust me,

You will thank me later.

Do something to make yourself feel good not just your mouth. Eat real food. Be active. And take each moment by the horns. Don't put things off. Do it now. Yes I mean now!

You will thank me later.

Trust me.


That's all I have to say. If you are embarrassed about your body and looks. Upset that you get winded walking up a couple-flights of stairs. Fed up with all your medications. DO something about it. It's your life and your body. Only you can fix yourself. So please start with something, anything. The smallest change makes a difference. Your body wants to be healthy, it's this world that doesn't want you to be. Fight against it!

And be proud to be human . . .

Until next time. 


Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout, ‘Do your worst! For I will do mine!’ 


Adrian said...

"To sum up once you achieve a PCP mindset (It came for me around day 60) so many things happen. All the things above become very noticeable and you will feel very distanced form your former self. But around day 80 you will totally forget how you used to feel and the PCP is like a new skin or personality."

That's true for me. I was looking for something to wear the other day, and I thought to myself, "I don't feel like the type of person that would wear these clothes anymore." That's probably the most amazing aspect of the PCP - the change you affect in your life is real, and it will pave the way for more changes. And you will feel like you can actually do it too. It was good doing this with you Nate, your posts were always inspiring.

Good luck with all your future projects!


Amy said...

great post, Nate. I know you'll continue being healthy and fit and happy!

Nate said...

Thanks guys! I'm so glad you were there to experience this with me. I'm forever in debt to your support.

So I say bring on the PCP convention! Think about it we can all bring a little bit of our own stuff and have like a weekend of fitness! Parkour, Yoga, running etc. It would be great!

Patrick said...

Well done, Nate, this post is kind of a bullet point list of everything I want people to get out of the PCP. I experienced and still deal with all the things you talk about in this piece.

Right in the middle of the Project the judgmental stuff is at its most intense, and I'm happy to say it dies down to some extent and the empathy takes over. I think part of this is that we work so hard during our projects and there is some hidden hostility and resistance that always bobs up to the surface when you do something hard. This hostility sometimes expresses itself in frustration and judgement of others. It's part of the process and will dissipate on its own.

Thanks for your constant enthusiasm for the project Nate. Things like this only work if people get behind them 100%, and we can all agree that you've brought that. The tables have turned and you're the one inspiring others now! That's my ultimate dream for the PCP, that it passes from one person to another, like lighting a second candle from the first one, and brings health and joy to people all over the world. Thanks for keeping the flame alive!

Take care, we'll be in touch about the PCP convention and future projects. Happy tree climbing and much success with your future projects.

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Anonymous said...

GET some friggen protein in there at least 120g a day, u will look choice