Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nature Parkour and PCP Day 90 closing in

So I mentioned before about how I want to do Parkour in nature. The great thing about PK is it can be done anywhere. It's simply getting from point a to b in the fastest most efficient way possible. And to be able to hone those abilities you can practice a certain set of defined movements anywhere. This allows you to become more proficient at getting form point a to point b. 

So here are some cool things my buddy Jason and I found today at the local Powder Mills park. Fallen trees make great places to practice cat-walks and balancing. Also I invented (well I've have never seen it anywhere else) the crab-walk. It's a cat-walk but upside-down. It's great for walking down inclined trees in a quadrupedal motion.

Also I have noticed the movements change a lot because of the environment. You have to use more caution than speed because limbs can break and bark can slip or break away. Also things are round an uneven not flat and sturdy. When you gorilla walk a tree or cat walk your feet have to curl and grasp around the trunk, more so the narrower it is.

So I look forward to doing this more and more. There were awesome rock walls, stairs, and railings at Letchworth to practice on too.

Also this winter I am going to start snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing. Also as soon as the snow melts my friend Doozer and I will start hiking trails and country roads with full packs preparing for our trip to Europe. The great thing about the PCP is when you are done and already in shape you can spice it up a ton and it all works to maintaining your fitness.

So here are some pics. Enjoy! It was a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny!

What we were dealing with. Plenty of fallen trees. Many of which connected to make long balancing courses.

The new Crab-Walk!

Jason Trying out a Cat-walk

Jason doing another Cat across a tree on a slope with a 10 foot drop underneath.

Awesome sitting spots we found!

Alright have a good one!

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Adrian and Emiko said...

Looks like a lot of fun Nate!