Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hiking and a Physical

So I went on an awesome hiking trip this past saturday. I mentioned I went to Letchworth State Park here in upstate NY. 

It was great!

I did about 6 miles of hiking I think. But we stopped a lot for do some random filming and just to mess around. A couple things we did which were much easier in the shape I am in now was climbing trees, climbing a couple steep inclines, and A rocky cliff/slope. It was great fun and I want to do some winter hiking. Maybe even get a pair of snow shoes!

So here are some picks and a new fitness picture up. I don't notice a huge difference and I feel that I won't in the last week but the sense of accomplishment is great. I'm looking forward to PK and good weather in the spring to have the opportunity to really get in amazing shape! These 90 days so far have done something truly amazing. And that is to form a unshakable foundation for fitness. Amy was talking about how she won't be at her "ultimate shape" at the end but we knew this going in. The human body can always improve and that's why it's great. So lets have a great last week everyone!

Enjoy the pics! More to come in other posts. I have a story board of "what is Parkour?"

Also I had a check-up (physical) with my doc today. It went really well! He was super-excited to hear about the changes I have made and noticed them right away and said I am at the perfect weight right now, unless of course I put on more muscle mass. We had a discussion about how health care would be cheaper and better if everyone did the same stuff. And how sad it is as a doctor and pharmacy tech to see how so many people could just make minor changes and have tons of improvement.

And apparently have 98 over 54 blood pressure was a really good thing for someone my size fitness and age. I thought it was freaking low!

Have a great night everyone! I'm off to watch some survivor and listen to Bright Eyes!

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